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Potty Training Tips!


With Christmas coming up, many people will be adding a new canine companion to their family. With a new dog comes,new rules, new boundaries, new relationships, lots of fun, and of course…potty training.

Potty Training is one the first priorities to address when you bring a new dog into your home. Dogs are a joy, accidents are not. Potty training is not complicated…it just requires some consistency and dedication. You need to be proactive instead of waiting for your dog to tell you when they have to go. If you can be consistent, you can have your dog potty trained in a few weeks at most.

⬇️ For those of you working on house training your dog, I have some free tips for you! ⬇️

Just enter an email address below and type #pottytrainingtips into the message box.

Happy training!

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