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Private Training Programs

Questions about the programs? Send a chat or schedule a phone call. Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation.

Puppy Prep

The Puppy Prep Program is designed for puppies 8 – 16 weeks of age.

This is the age where learning and socialization is most critical. This program will give you a firm foundation and help you cultivate healthy habits so you can get off to the right start with the newest member of your pack.

We will focus on potty training, crate training, implementing impulse control (sit/stay and down/stay), and addressing behaviors such as nipping, chewing and jumping.

1 consultation (1 hour) + 4 sessions (45 minutes each)

Essential Manners

The Essential Manners Program is designed to address some key issues (such as walking, running out the door, and jumping) around the house so that you can have the calm and trustworthy dog you have always wanted. The Essential Manners Program will give you a well-behaved dog in the house and a companion that you can enjoy your evening walks with.

We will focus primarily on problems in and around the home such as implementing impulse control (sit/stay, down/stay, place), working on the walk, addressing unwanted behaviors like jumping, digging, and door bolting.

1 consultation (1 hour) + 4 sessions (1 hour each)

Confident Canine

This program is designed to give you a dog that is not only trustworthy around the house but also well mannered in public so that you can actually enjoy taking your dog out. The Confident Canine Program will give you a well behaved and more reliable dog at home and in public.

We will focus on addressing unwanted behaviors and mastering learned material in the home so we can practice in public and show off our manners. We will work on things like impulse control (sit/stay, down/stay, place), recall (come command), walking politely on leash, respecting thresholds (not bolting out of doorways and gates), etc.

1 consultation ( hour) + 10 sessions (1 hour each)

**All private training programs include invitation to join an exclusive support group for continued help and education**

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