West Covina Based Dog Training

Serving The Greater Los Angeles Area


My name is Stephanie Rosenfeld, and I am the owner and head dog trainer here at Pure Canine Training. I specialize in dog obedience training and behavior modification. My unique and balanced approach to dog training will transform the way you relate to your canine companion – I want you to enjoy your life with your dog!

I train in real life situations, teaching your dog to respond properly to the everyday world, distractions and all. My approach is about more than addressing problem behaviors – I focus on balancing the state of mind, reducing anxiety, and modifying behavior so you and your dog can live a happy, healthy, balanced life together.

Unfortunately I’ve seen both owner and dog suffer because of miscommunication between two species. I’m here to help bridge that gap and give you a dog that you can enjoy! A nervous, excited and anxious dog is neither healthy nor happy, and can make bad choices and develop issues. In my training programs, I work through these issues using duration training and conditioning patterns of calm behavior. From basic obedience to advanced off-leash remote collar training, Pure Canine Training is committed to giving you the results you never thought possible, and a relationship with your dog that you have always wanted.

Please take a minute to read more about me and my philosophies, read my blog, and look through my programs. If you would like to get started, go ahead and contact me today!

I am looking forward to being a part of a truly life changing journey for both you and your dog!