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Excuse Me, I Need Some Direction…


When we get lost we can just stop and ask for directions or look at a road map. when a dog is “lost” he/she cannot ask for “direction” so the outcome is confusion, fear, frustration and all the chaos that comes along with those pent up emotions. dogs develop all kinds of issues simply because we are asking them to live in our world but we are not telling them how so they try to figure it out themselves and end up a stressed out mess. Dogs can live in our world with no problem but we need to give them information. We need to teach them “it’s no big deal for a dog or human to pass on the street so relax” and “don’t bark at the mailman because he’s here everyday and he means no harm”. “If there is a loud boom on the fourth of July it just fire works…and No the sky is not falling”.” I’m not worried neither should you be”. We just need to make sure we are giving our dog information in every area of life…everything from manners at the dinner table to respecting boundaries to walking properly on leash. The more direction you give them and the less they get away with their own nonsense the better off your relationship with your dog and their mental stability.    

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