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Oh Snap!

Have you ever had that unfortunate moment where your dog does something that makes you feel like a betrayed failure and leaves you with a sinking feeling in your gut? I know I have…I think you know what I mean. That unexpected moment when your dog snaps at you seemingly out of nowhere. Maybe you trusted your dog a little too much too soon and came home to a house full of couch feathers and precious sentiments torn into pieces. Whatever the case may be it always SEEMS to come from nowhere and it usually catches us off guard. In reality it (more than likely) did not come from nowhere. There was something that we missed. There are so many things that could cause a dog to act out. So we have to find out weather or not it is a behavioral issue. Is it something we can correct by giving them an outlet or do they need behavior modification (via professional help)? If our dog is getting one 30 min walk during the week that could be why he is acting out. He doesn’t know what to do with his energy and he’s going crazy. He needs an outlet for it and if we don’t give him one he will find one himself and that is never good. Does he know how to be calm? If he is calm and has an outlet but has developed behavior problems seek help. In all likelihood we unknowingly contributed to developing issues. I know it’s hard at first but don’t take it personal. Be patient with him and do the best you can to help him be the best dog he can be.

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