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Commitment Issues and Impulse Buys



When we go the store and we make a purchase that doesn’t quite work out we can just return it and get our money back. Many times we get caught up in the moment when we see a cute little puppy face and we think “how fun would it be to have a dog around…a loyal companion…”. So we get a dog that the whole family will love! Then reality sets in…this isn’t that dog I saw in the movie. This dog isn’t content just laying around…this dog isn’t a dog that I can trust to walk outside with me as I get the mail…oh no! THIS dog takes work and lots of it. This dog barks when people walk by, this dog jumps on me and bites my clothes…this dog is not the dog I wanted. Unfortunately people do return their dogs  just like a sweater that they tried on and decided they didn’t like. Dogs are living, breathing animals and they require commitment. If you decide to bring a dog into your life make sure you are willing to do the work because the dynamic in your household will change. I guarantee there will be some kind of struggle with your dog even if it isn’t a huge behavioral problem you will have to put in the time and effort to get the dog you want. If you are not an experienced dog owner you will have to work harder to educate yourself. If you can’t afford professional help take advantage of the tools and information that is available to you. But if you are considering bringing a dog into your life make that decision with your eyes wide open and know how much effort you will have to put into that dog. That said make sure you get a dog you can work with. Do your homework. Do not take a dog that is way over your head. Don’t watch “Max” and rush out and get a Belgian Malinois. A Malinois is a working dog and 85% of people should not own one. Not because they aren’t great dogs but because you will be setting yourself up for failure and sentencing that dog to future in a shelter. They are better left to the professionals and the people who are experienced enough to handle them. If you are not ready to adopt a dog that’s absolutely ok. It’s better to leave them for a committed handler then to take them off the shelf and return them for store credit. That loyal dog does exist but you have to put work into bringing it out and shaping the behavior that you want out of your dog. There is a pure canine in there somewhere it is our job to find it! 🙂 When we reach that point in our relationship with our dogs that is so rewarding that all the struggle was worth it. Let’s find the pure canine in your dog! 😉


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