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Taking Offense to Jealousy


When you have a multi dog household there is no room for jealousy. If you pet one dog and another butts in and tries to get between you and the other dog that might be a form a jealousy but what it really is is bad behavior. It’s pushy and it’s bratty and ultimately your dog is just trying to get his way. Most of the time dog owners cave and then they put themselves in a defensive position trying to avoid the fight they are already anticipating. Now I never really understood football but I was a cheerleader so the one thing I had to know was offense and defense. If you are playing defense that means the other team has the ball. If you are on offense you have the ball. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? 😉 Why are you playing defense with your dogs? They don’t have the power you do. They don’t fill their water bowls…you do. They don’t feed themselves; you feed them. Take back the power and start playing offense. You pet whatever dog you want when you want without any comments (or push, bratty, jealous behavior) from the peanut gallery. Put yourself on the offense and take back the power (with lots of structure, rules, and boundaries) and you will see the dynamic in your household shift for the better.

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