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Enjoy the Journey!


Upon adopting a dog, you embark upon a journey together. Along the way, there will be struggles, failures and successes. The failures can tend to get you down and make you wonder if you made the right choice in beginning this journey…you wonder if you’ll ever make it to your destination or if it’s too late to turn back but don’t let those failures dictate where your journey ends. Learn from those failures as they are a teaching tool and can help you find the right path to take…often times leading you to successes. Successes make it all worth it! Once you reach the peak of the mountain…grab a swig of water and brave the next one because there is always another hill to conquer. But make sure you celebrate and enjoy each time you reach one of those peaks because you put a lot of hard work and effort into getting there. If you are reaching those peaks – congratulations! It’s the most amazing feeling to have a reliable dog that you can trust. If you’re at the base of that mountain and feeling overwhelmed it’s ok. It’s only a matter of time before you get there. You’re effort will reflect where you end up. It’s a journey so enjoy it…all of it!! 🙂 #itsajourney

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